Invisible animals

Have you ever had a desire to leave your vivid impressions on the foreground of the interior? However, sometimes we might be limited in the square metres of a particular space or any other obstacles that remind us: we cannot have everything in one place. Our closet represents the love of nature, the memories of a childhood, fairy tales, games, and also the search of simple decisions in the production (interior). The mysterious creatures from the fairy tales have been imprinted on a design object, and they still continue playing with our imagination by reflecting the shadows all round. The design object has a various and vivid colour palette that makes it possible to add the closet into any interior style: whether it is going to be placed in the kitchen or the terrace, the bedroom or the office. The closet consists from several modules that can be easily fixed on different height, and also they can be used for various purposes in diverse combinations. The pattern of the closet can appear brighter or disappear completely, as it depends on the angle and the lighting.