When the designer is allowed to be free in the process of working on the project, it is very complicated to unite one idea together at the very moment. He should combine everything to his liking, mix all in the necessary proportions, refuse from something, change something a little, make the unique space and come it alive. We would like people to cross the threshold and get amazed «Wow!». We want people to react to our creation exactly in this way. Our story deals with the love to color and life generally. 

In the particular interior many objects are custom-made as we would like to create the unique space not universal, ordinary, to be precise, that place that can exist at the very moment. We want everybody to touch all the details with their own hands and thoughts. We wished some complexity in good sense. None of the objects, details and colors are accidental. Surely the elements of a game are presented in our work not by mistake as any space is life and we can not even imagine our life without games! 

It seems to us that we have succeeded in creating the workplace for a design studio, where you enjoy spending your working hours, invite clients proudly, where you want to give lectures and organize shootings. We think if any public space is created with hard work, filled with love, it will become valuable in the near future. If a city is full of such unique, exiting, handmade colorful places, life will become more vivid.

Design: Tsaruk Igor, Ahmadova Marina
Production: Tsaruk Igor, Ahmadova Marina, Shpinok Denis, Belkevich Marta
Photographer: Samkov Ivan
Client: Booont design studio
Location: Brest, Belarus 
Project Year: 2018 
Project Area: 47 sq.m