Branch chair

Our chairs not only change their form and color. This spring, they have released buds and grown their own branches to meet the sunshine. This is the way the wood lives its life in your apartment. Pattern with pine branches supports the bionic form of the chair to create an impression of true forest. In a moment, a squirrel with a pinecone will climb the pine and a moose will heavily tread the scene.
This chair perfectly fits your summerhouse as well as your city apartment where you keep all your clothes on the chair instead of the wardrobe.
The Branch-chair is easy to treat, as it collects not more dust than any of your born-in-60’s chairs with lots of trims. Unlike them, Branch-Chair lets you have your wardrobe always close to you.
P.S. If branches look more like horns to you, don’t stop your imagination. We promise that there is a lot more than that to see.

Brand: Fajno Design

Photographer: Ivan Samkov