Boo table

In coming up with the idea for this small, functional table, we wanted to create a simple form, convenient for daily use. In the process of working on it, we were inspired by fairy tales and mythology, cultures of small nations, fantastic buildings, Mexican traditions and Hitchcock, Gaudi architecture and bionics. Under these circumstances, the "on knuckles" table was born using our favorite wood and marble aggregate materials, which is a current world trend. We would like for this piece to fit into any space and make you smile everyday.

It's nice to wake up early in the morning - slowly heat some milk, add a dash of cardamom and pepper, a spoonful of cane sugar, and a bit of bitter chocolate. Take some time to be alone in silence to gather strength to go conquer the world. If you surround yourself with this atmosphere of personal space, created exclusively for you, this morning will be unforgettable. A small table "on the bones" is just for such a personal daily morning.